Yoga means addition.
Addition of energy and strength to your body, mind and soul.

The benefits of yoga

The benefits of yoga are infinite. It develops your inner awareness, builds strength in mind and body. By itself is already a beautiful way to take care of yourself, by combining it to other activities you increase the benefits from it. Beyond the physical aspects, the combination between yoga and surfing gives powerful results.

Yoga and surf

You might think that surfing and yoga are far out from each other. In truth, both disciplines have similar concepts that really blend well to give you a better life. They are both way of living. Yoga benefits such as minimized tension on the body especially on the back and the shoulders can maximize your performance. Proper breathing and posture will give you strength and balance that can increase stability while you glide on the waves. Our yoga retreats help your surfing experience step to a higher level.

Imagine waking up and doing yoga on our deck, surrounded by only nature' sounds, and then catching your waves of the beautiful Algarve. These are our Yoga & Surf retreats.


Our yoga & surf retreats are thought for people who need a break from the daily routine, getting back to simple things. Connect to nature, focus on yourself and relax. Daily yoga and surf, combined to a healthy delicious diet, and the quietness of our place. We add on some music sessions, pizza nights and a good time all together to share and experience stories. Let yourself be guided our teachers that will take care of you. Come with a positive and open mind, enjoy fully your experience.

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