Without self-expression life lacks of spontaneity and joy.
At Soul Farm we encourage you to express yourself, to help us grow. To take a step further, we open our arms to workshops, to let you express even more.
Music or dancing, painting and ceramics, writing, photography.. everything that inspires you!

Our events

The Soul Farm project was made with the idea to connect people. Networking with workshops is probably the best and most fun way to make new connentions. We develop and chose our workshops based on the self-expression, benefits and the fun you can get out of it. We will always make sure you have the best program waiting for you.

The benefits

Workshops are designed to provide a hands-on learning experience. The interaction with the other people makes workshops a dynamic experience. It does not matter what kind of workshop you are following, you will learn and grow your abilities, in an atmosphere that is lighthearted, exciting and inspiring.

"A workshop is an environment where ideas flow freely, and people enjoy the process"

Take every opportunity to learn more, network and have a great time!


As per our retreats and surf camp, we are open to host you for a workshop. Show us your idea, tell us your needs and will be more than happy to make it happen!

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